The currency for Producers

Join the future

What is Bolt

Create new products

with Bolt grants for Producers.

Build the future economy

by mining Bolt and selecting which Producers to fund.

Grow your impact exponentially

with products only available for sale in Bolt.

Pick the role for you


Pick the products of the future. You choose which products and Producers you believe will succeed. Fullfill Producers' requests as simply as ordering from sites like Amazon. Receive 1 Bolt token for each $1 of assistance you provide. Sign up at to learn when mining opportunities are available. Enter the affiliate program to earn Bolt passively and gain instant rewards. only 150 Miners will be accepted into the affiliate program so sign up at to learn when applications are available.


Be a powerhouse behind Bolt. Pick the Bolt DFOs you believe in and provide them with financial assistance, receiving Bolt at a preferential rate. You influence the entire Bolt community and decide which projects are most critical to Bolt's success - and your own. Sign up at and contact us directly on Discord at to learn which opportunities you can choose to support.


Create your product and put it on the market. Sign up at and get notified when new grants are available. Propose your project to a DFO providing grants near you an receive Bolt to fund your dreams. Miners who select your project will send you the supplies you need. Once your project is complete, sell your product for Bolt. Show the community your product and we'll share it with potential customers.

Bolt DFO Founders

Run your own Bolt community project. Your Bolt DFO is a non-profit with a mission statement that enhances the Bolt community. Your project could be anything from developing open-source software, promoting Bolt projects, bringin Bolt grants to new Producers, or antyhing else you can imagine. Write a business plan, prepare your resume, and contact the community on Discord at . The Bolt community will provide your project with the Bolt grants you need to succeed.

Bolt Market


Producers post requests onto a Bolt market in USD. Miners earn 1 BLT for every $1 of goods they fullfill for Producers, though the earning rate will change over time. Miners register with the Bolt Market and go through a verification process to prevent fraudulent behavior. Sorting and selection of projects and Producers by Miners occurs on a Bolt market.


Anyone can purchase products with Bolt tokens on a Bolt market. Products from Producers funded with Bolt grants are available for sale in Bolt. Products are purchased at the same rate as the earning rate for Miners. The rate for both Mining and Products will change over time based on exchange prices, but will not increase or decrease by more than 0.4% per day.


The software behind Bolt markets is open source. Anyone can run their own Bolt market. The open source software will be in open beta in early 2019. Individuals or Bolt DFOs that run a Bolt market may receive grants from the community. To be notified when Bolt markets are avaialble, or to register for the closed beta, subscribe at .

Affiliate Program

Develop passive income

Earn up to 4% of your invitee's mining rewards for a limited number of Miners who sign up at

Earn Instant Rewards

Earn a 40 BLT bonus for both you and your invitee for your first 15 invites after your invitee completes verification and mines their first 40 BLT.

Expand Your Influence

Promote projects you pick to your network and encourage your invitees to support the projects with the most impact.

Join Early or Miss Out

Only the first 150 applicants to the affiliate program will be accepted so sign up at to be notified when applications are opened.




98,000,000 BLT

= 10^16 UNITS

Feeless transactions

Capable of 7,000+ TPS


Diamond Lattice

RingCT 2.0 + Block-Lattice

Masternodes with staking rewards

Half of staking rewards fund DAO

Stealth address, ring signatures, and RingCT

Private, instant, feeless

Token Distribution







TO create a fair distribution:

**Only 10% of each released annually**

See whitepaper for more details

Bolt DAO

Masternodes require 4,000 BLT

Each Masternode gets 1 vote

DAO funds DFOs based on performance

DFOs grow the Bolt ecosystem





Bolt is functional as a currency for producers.

Diamond Lattice Publication

Diamond Lattice carves a future path for Bolt's technology.



Bolt announced

The public is invited to participate in Bolt projects.

Artist grant applications

Starting in Austin, TX, artists are given Producer grants.

Bolt internet parties

A fun monthly event for Bolt artists to showcase their work.



Bolt markets

Community run markets beta for Bolt Producers and Miners.

Mobile wallet

Allows Producers, Miners, and Consumers to use Bolt on Android and iOS.



Artist grants released

Artists receive goods and services from Miners, who earn Bolt.



Diamond Lattice implementation

RingCT 2.0, Masternodes, and the DAO implementation empowers Bolt's future.



Payment processing

Bolt payment processing expands Bolt to more Producers.



Grants to new Producers

COmmunity members set up new DFOs for different kinds of Producers.

Technological advancement

Bolt DFOs continue to research and implement new technologies.


Build the future economy.

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